A new branding opportunity has emerged for real estate agents which involves the wrapping or decorating of their lockboxes.Lockbox Wraps

The initial mindset that gave birth to this idea of lockbox wraps, was to help find a solution in identifying a real estate agent’s lockbox at busy condo listings where all of the lockboxes can be seen lined up on a pole of some sort or nestled together.

We have provided our customers with the opportunity to brand their lockboxes to variable degrees and with also two completely different product types. The first and most popular product is the “lockbox wraps.” This involves printing digitally onto some of the highest grade vinyl available. The vinyl must possess certain features that have the ability to go around curves and bends easily without pulling back and also provide clean removability, so that if the real estate agent has to return their lockbox for whatever reason to the real estate board, their lockbox wraps can be easily removed without any adhesive residues gumming up the lockboxes.

Lockbox WrapsThere are numerous brands of lockboxes on the market and so depending on which area of the country you reside in, depends on which lockbox you are using. The main real estate lockboxes that we have encountered in our business are Sentrilock, Supra and Masterlock and so it has been these three brands that our own business has taken the initiative to help our clients brand upon. Depending on which of these three lockboxes you are using, also affects how much of the lockboxes can be branded with our wrapping techniques. As well, each of these various brands utilizes different types of vinyl due to either what their surfaces are manufactured with or how severe their curves are.

From the three styles of real estate lockboxes most of our clients work with, Sentrilock has the greatest variety of options we can offer to our clients. With Sentrilock wraps, we can provide the options of wrapping across the entire front and sides; what we call “complete wraps” or we can brand just the side panels and leave the front blank and then with both of these options, we can provide a top panel that sits between the shackles. The top panel is extremely handy for when you wish to either just simplify the branding or when the lockboxes are all nestled together at the condo sites and all you can easily view is the tops.

Lockbox WrapsThe alternative to wrapping the lockboxes we are developed is what we have called “lockbox shields”. These handy shields are manufactured using a 15oz outdoor banner material and then laminated overtop with liquids that possess UV inhibitors that help prevent the fading of colors and also provide additional weather resistance. Our lockbox shields also fit over the shackles of all of the various styles of lockboxes we are made aware of throughout Canada. The lockbox shield can also be easily removed and reused should the lockbox itself need to be returned by the real estate agent for whatever reason to their local boards.

The branding of real estate lockboxes helps take the nuisance out of figuring out which lockbox is which at those busy condo listings but also has provided our real estate customers with further opportunities to brand. In today’s busy market place, it is all about branding. You are your brand; everything you put out in the market place should reflect it. From your website to your marketing material, its important to have your brand strategic and repetitive.

So, whether you are looking for a unique branding opportunity or whether you are just looking for a great way to figure out whose lockbox is whose at those busy listings, branding your real estate lockbox with one of the methods developed to do so, may be worth considering for your own business.