Introducing a new secure and convenient way to attach your lock box to railings ranging from 1.25 -3″ in width. If you get frustrated trying to locate other agent’s lock boxes or bending down to inconvenient locations or worse yet, having your own lock box exposed to dirt and wet conditions at ground level, the Rail Guard is a safe, secure convenient way to eliminate these problems. Manufactured from 12 gauge steel, the Rail Guard is more secure than an average bike lock which can be compromised with bolt cutters.

Another great feature of the Rail Guard is that it can be used as one more tool to expand your own personal branding for only an additional $3.95 each! To brand yours today:

  • Simply download the design template provided and come back to upload.
  • Select the “Branded Rail Guard” from the options (min of 3)
  • Add to cart

If you require assistance in designing your label for the front,  please contact us at  ( $25 design fee required)

note: Note: This product is exempt from any set up fees administered at the checkout.  Please enter discount code “no setup” in the coupon space to remove standard fee if ordered on its own without other brand- able products where design templates are desired, ie, lock box wraps, key tags, etc.