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Welcome to Store Dash; bringing our store to your front door!
Let us help you put your time where your money is.
Store Dash is an exclusive one-day service for those residing in the City of Calgary. 

Our clients are busy people, who need to find extra time to focus on their business and families; not running around the city acquiring riders and decals.
Our new Store Dash service pertains to non-customized, generic items only, regularly sold in our in-house store. If you reside in close proximity to Calgary and would like to partake in this new service, we would love to serve you as well but please do allow an additional day or two for your items to arrive.
Cut off time is 3:00 pm to receive your items the next day.

FREE shipping on orders of $99 or more on Store Dash orders only. Do NOT enter the free ship if your order does not exceed $99 as we will have to stop to reinvoice you which will slow down the delivery of your order.


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