A banner is a versatile, lightweight and cost effective way to add visual impact at your next event or for general business purposes for both outdoors and indoors.

Two of the most common banners are vinyl banners which include reinforced hems and grommets to help secure them and retractable banners (sometimes referred to as a “pop up banner”).

A banner’s large-format and eye-catching graphics help differentiate you from the competition and entice visitors to your booth. In addition, these lightweight, highly portable banners utilize minimal space and can be used for retail store marketing, shopping malls, business meetings, stage presentations, special events and conference room displays.

When deciding to purchase a banner for your project, we are here to help with a few tips to get you started:
• The larger the size of banner the greater the impact. Yet, your banner should also be as tasteful as it is compelling.
• The design and printing must be representative of the quality of your own products and services.
• Make sure it is consistent with the colors and fonts you use in your other advertising materials.
• Prior to placing your order, ensure your banner size and message will appeal to your target audience.
• Durability is your main concern when creating an outdoor banner.
• A simple design with a clear precise message is what will attract the attention you are hoping to get from those passing by.
• Pay attention to font size and the distance your banner will be from your target audience.
• Bright strong colors and precise messages will help you get your message out there.

Select your desired style of banner from the image icons below to locate more detailed information on pricing and ordering.


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