Studio 4 is excited to introduce you to our newest line of custom, full color decals, which are an innovative way for your organization to display signage easily, with no mess, no fuss. Take advantage of advertising spaces that are currently underutilized.

The first of our golf cart decal options is extremely suitable for acrylic, glass and lexan. This new technology has a bubble-free application and, best of all, the decals are completely removable. They are a great way to display designated carts and sponsorship for tournaments. They are also a useful marketing tool for advertising specials being promoted within your own facilities, such as pro shop sales, food specials and event/catering services.

The other golf cart signage opportunity is another new product that can be applied directly onto the body of the golf cart for sponsorship signage and is easily removed following the end of the event.
Sample Pricing:

Window Decals (for glass, acrylic, lexan)

  • 4″ x 6″ @ $2.00 each
  • 5″ diameter circle @ $2.28 each
  • 6″ x 8″ @ $3.95 each

Cart Temporary Decals

  • 6″ x 8″ @ $3.25 each
  • 8″ x 14″ @ $7.65 each

Save 10% on orders over $150. Design fees may apply.