When it was suggested that a blog would be an excellent addition to our new website, it came with a few hesitations for myself; not personally having had any real exposure to social media and being a bit of a cavedweller!

Then as I gave more thought to what the vision was that I had  for our new website and our newly trademarked theme, “The Home for REALTORS®”,  I realized that just such a blog, if done with more of a specific purpose in mind,  could put some of the finishing touches on our plan and intent, to give this site a  real sense of “home.” Having a structure that contains all the material goods and possessions is more of a sense of a house but what really makes a home is the interactions of those who partake within it.

I could blog, or share information as I prefer to call it, on the experiences and insights into what goes on in the day-to-day practices of our little sign shop or I could reach deep into our basket of 40 years of working and interacting with others in our industry and bring more of the “tremendous value to our customers,  that was the main focus spoken to earlier on in our “about us” introduction.

Realizing now the value that can be added here in bringing all these incredible and talented individuals, to our customers’ table, just makes plain great sense!

Some of the areas I am now hoping to cover over the next weeks and months will include those who can provide some “how to’s” to get the ball rolling, on how to upload your own or create cut files; gifted designers, who can help shed some light for those wishing to rebrand themselves; IT consultants, with a handful of tips on how to perform some SEO functions on your own website and commercial installers lending tips for those out of town 4×4’s or 4×8’s, when the budget does not facilitate hiring someone to do it for you .

There are so many people within the industry that bring a wealth of service, knowledge and value, that it should not be too difficult to make the pages that are to follow here, on what is now my “first” blog, something unique that adds the “tremendous value” we were hoping for.