For both indoor and outdoor use,  coroplast is one of the most economical and versatile of sign choices.    It’s durable for shorter- term outdoor use and resistant to weather, while being so lightweight, it makes them  easy to install for a wide variety of applications.

Coroplast is aligned with flutes that can be  cut to be horizontal with the sign for added strength or when wanting to create certain displays or the flutes are  cut to run vertically when wanting to install the sign using step stakes that are inserted into the flute and then erected in the ground.  .

The thicknesses of corplast range from 3 to 10mm thick and come in a variety of color selections.

When it comes to manuafacturing coroplast signs,  there are various processes that can be implemented depending on your artwork and number of signs required.

At Studio 4 Signs, we will ensure that the right method is being chosen for your project.