Key IDs, better known as key tags by the marketplace, are not a new idea but we set out 2 years ago, to put a unique spin on them, that would make acquiring them, unique.

When I was attending a tradeshow in Calgary, a real estate agent approached me inquiring as to whether I had any ideas to help him take the nuisance out of figuring out which key to put back into which lockbox at a busy condo showing. 90% of our product ideas at Studio 4 Signs come from our interactions with our clients and so, with this agent’s request in hand, we sought out to uncover a solution for him; hence the real estate key tag, or as we have branded them “Key IDs.”

One of the main issues when ordering key tags from manufacturers of these items, is the quantities necessary to place an order; most requiring 250 and upwards. This is the only means of keeping the price points low. This is not an unreasonable number for businesses offering loyalty programs, memberships, etc., but for the average real estate agent, especially, just starting out, large quantities of key tags would, most likely, never deplete to any degree before a rebranding of some sort would be required, resulting in a huge wastage and costs.

Realizing some of the issues of obtaining key tags in the marketplace and taking into consideration some of the added benefits of real estate agents being able to apply these to their own businesses, we set out to find a solution that would facilitate the purchase of small quantities and enhance the ability to have a strong and strategic brand across all of our clients real estate collateral.

From the first day we set out to create the first of the key tags for real estate, there has been a continual evolution, ranging from sizing to substrate to lamination. I have a saying at our place of business, in that, if you see any product we display today and if it still looks the same in 2 years, that would, most likely, mean that I have ceased to exist! My other saying is that “if you remain still, you will be shot by your competition.”

We have created two sizes of key tags, each with a slightly different purpose in mind: the first and smaller of the two sizes, is directed at solving the issue of identifying keys for lockboxes. Our sizing fits all standard real estate lockboxes in the industry across North America. The second, larger size, still fits within the lockboxes but is slightly larger to facilitate extra wording when required, as well as provide a larger area on the reverse side for sending a personal message to our homebuyers. (eg. Welcome Home, Our Home, etc.)  A real estate agent could also co-brand with another service provider to brand on the reverse side, offering extended value to their clients, from home renovation or upgrade services to community services, such as oil change discounts.

The only limits on how these key tags can be implemented into your business, is set by one’s own imagination.