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Soft touch business cards have a matte, velvet feel that elevates these custom printed cards to the next level of premium printing. Print soft touch business cards now to feel the texture for yourself!

  • The soft touch laminate adds a layer to these business cards, enhancing their thickness to help them stand out from the rest in addition to their soft touch finish.
  • The soft touch lamination film has protective qualities that keep your custom business cards scratch-free and smudge-proof
  • Soft touch business cards (sometimes known as suede business cards) give your clients a soothing tactile experience with their velvet feel.

Ordering is easy:

  • Please select one sided or double sided business cards..
  • Enter the quantity of cards you would like to order, SOLD IN GROUPS OF 250. eg) qty. 3 = 750 cards.
  • Upload your file OR enter in the box provided the design template for your brokerage located in the selections found in the business card category (ex. Century 21 Design Opt 1).
  • If entering the design templates # available on the website for your brokerage,  please provide your contact information as you would like to have it appear on your business cards.

Save 37 -57% when ordering 500 to 1000 business cards.

NOTE:   If this is a reorder of  business cards you have previously purchased from us, and no revisions are required, or if you are supplying your own print-ready file, please enter discount code “SETUP” to have the one-time set up fee of $15 removed from the total in your cart. Otherwise, a one-time set up fee will apply for all new orders. Should you enter the discount code accidentally when the set up fee applies,  you will be notified for further payment before we proceed with your order. 

Printing 1 or 2 Sides? * 

File Upload

If you wish to include a high resolution photo or personal logo, or if you already have a print-ready file ready to go, please upload it here. Should you have difficulties uploading the file here, please leave this area blank and send the file via email to, referencing your order number.

(max file size 65 MB)

Contact Info

Enter the info exactly as you would like it to appear on your business cards. This may include name, mobile #, office #, brokerage, brokerage address, website, email address, designations, taglines, etc.
As well, if you would like to use one of the templates available from our website, please enter the design option # here.



Paper type – 95 Bright

3.5″ x 2″ (firm size)

Download the blank business card guide here:

If providing your own file, please:

a) Ensure the file matches the product’s required dimensions. Ensure that the artwork is created in CYMK 300 dpi with 1/16 inch bleeds on all sides.

b) Make sure that all images are embedded, and that all the text is outlined/converted to curves.

c) Export all files into PDF format with bleeds.

d) It is best to try to avoid using borders in your design. If a border is too close to the trim, the trim may be slightly off-center.

e) To achieve a rich black for larger black coverage areas, we recommend the values C30 M20 Y20 K100. A black value of just K100 alone can sometimes appear as a darker grey and may not be as deep/rich compared to adding the supporting C30 M20 Y20 K100. A rich black also helps avoid potential overprint issues.

For smaller black type, we recommend one colour black at K100 to avoid potential registration issues.


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