18″ Lockbox Condo Door Hanger


Our newly designed lock box condo door hanger features:

  • Designed to keep lock boxes away from door’s surfaces to prevent scuffs and scratching
  • Durable attractive sand/grey powder coat finish
  • Durable rubber buffers to protect doors from any wear
  • Available in 11.5  and 18″ lengths  ( 11″ is for SUPRA or smaller boxes  &  18″  is for Sentrilock)

Note:   If you have no items in your cart, such as the condo hangers, that require any customization or proofing,  please enter discount code “no setup” at checkout.

If you are ordering this item through our City of Calgary exclusive Store Dash service,  please enter FREESHIP if your order amounts to over $99.  Do NOT enter FREESHIP if you are not a resident of Calgary and your order does not amount to $99.  Failure to comply will result in our having to stop to reinvoice you and will slow down the delivery of your order.


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