Introducing our removable for sale sign decals. Choose from a variety of SOLD, C/S, Price Reduced and Exclusive in a variety of color options. These removable decals will help remove the inconveniences of not only the tasks of getting the decals and glue residues off the sign boards but will help reduce the permanent damages that accompany them.

Cut off to receive items the next day is 3:00 pm.

When ordering from our Store Dash store, please note the following:

1-day delivery is offered within Calgary city limits but if you still wish to partake and reside outside of Calgary, it may take a day or two more to arrive, depending on where you are located.
When ordering $99 or more from our Store Dash store, please enter FREESHIP to be credited back the $15 delivery charge.
When ordering all non-customized items in your cart, ie, no personalization required for any one item, please enter discount code ” no setup” to have the $15 custom set up fee removed at the cart.


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