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We all lead busy lives where time is of the essence, so when we set aside some time to personally hand write a greeting card to our clients, we cannot help but stand out in a very positive way.
When should you consider sending greeting cards? Here are just a few ideas to get you started:
* Birthday Greetings
* House Anniversary
* Thank you for the referral

Here at Studio 4 Signs, we have taken the time to create a variety of Mix & Match greeting cards, so that even if you are just starting out and do not have your own design team or custom brand concept, you can still provide to your customers, an attractive, modern, real-estate oriented card that will be certain to bring a smile to their face upon opening. Each set of cards comes with four distinctive design purposes of: Thank you, Congratulatons, a birthday wish and a house anniversary card. As well, each set is accompanied with its own properly sized envelopes, so you are ready to include your special message and send!
Remember, it’s not just about making contact with your client – it’s about making a positive impact on them and building relationships that can last for years.


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