We often look for that perfect marketing tool that will keep our brand close at hand with new and potential clients. The best way to help ensure that is to give them something of great value, whether it be savings or, in this case, valuable information.

The Alberta government has ceased sending out vehicle registration reminders by mail. Now, many Albertans are caught off guard when they forget to renew their licence and/or registration prior to their expiry dates, and suffer some hefty fines as a result.

Our Vehicle Registration Reminder Decals are similar to oil change labels that you apply to your windshield. We will custom print your decals, with your contact info so that you may easily distribute them to potential clients. They will see your info every time they look through their windshield.

These decals are removable. They may be left blank for you or your client to fill in the date with a permanent marker, or they can be pre-written with various months of the year.